Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Dancing for the Lord beats 'Dancing with the Stars'

I grew up in a Baptist church
Where it was hard for me, you see
To raise my hands and stomp my feet,
When I felt the Spirit move in me.

We just didn't do that sorta thing
Back where I came from.
"Child, you crazy?" Grandma'd say.
"You better sit still and hush that fuss
'fore I get my strap and give you some."

So, I'd sit there like a lady
Beside her like she said,
But way down deep on the inside
I'd be dancing out of my head.

When I grew up, I left the church
And went out on my own.
Free at last to let it all hang out
After all now, I was grown.

I took a chance
Cause I wanted to dance.
And the world beckoned, "Baby come on.
Shake that body to the beat

Let the rhythm take control.
Wave your hands in the air
Like you just don't care.
Get down right hysterical."

I danced for the world for quite awhile,
I was having so much fun.
Can't nobody stop me now (this child of the night.)
I knew nothing of the Son.

Then, one day between the smoke and the noise
I heard a small voice inside my head say,
"Come home my child, this isn't for you."
And as my eyes searched the crowd,
I knew it was true.

So, I went home that night and prayed:
"Father God, please forgive me for all the years I spent
Dancing to the beat of a different drummer
With all my heart I now repent."

"Come into my heart, Lord
Use my feet and my hands.
Teach me how to dance for you
Just like King David danced."

I wanna dance like David danced.
I wanna dance like David danced.

Got my hands in the air
Moving in the Spirit like I don't have a care.
Giving God some serious praise for the rest of my days
I wanna dance like David danced.

(c) 2003 Carolyn K. Erwin

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